Royal PCB Group

ROYAL PCB GROUP LLC functions through three pivotal Strategic Business Units, each specializing in distinct sectors, embodying our commitment to diversified expertise and targeted market leadership.


A Dubai-based group, bolstered by a dedicated real estate fund, specialized in Real Estate Investment and Development. The core focus lies in educating and empowering investors, while firmly upholding ethical practices in the industry.


A Dubai-based entity dedicated to eco-friendly solutions and focusing on sustainable practices with the goal to provide cutting edge, green and highly effective products while educating about environmental responsibility.


At Al Ahli Ventures, we pride ourselves on being deeply connected with key entities, unmatched by any other agency. Envision us as your comprehensive business partner. With a decade of expertise, we've empowered countless startups and SMEs to flourish.


ROYAL PCB GROUP LLC “ROYAL” is a dynamic and award-winning corporation that stands at the forefront of global economic advancement in mature or emerging markets by enabling access to capital through innovation and information. As an investment powerhouse, the group is lead by a team of experts from world-renowned institutions driving high-impact initiatives aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our operations span across strategic business units, focusing on areas such as government advisory, Economical developments, Real Estate, Sustainability, and Green Solutions.

Headquartered In Dubai, Royal is a powerful force in the realm of investment and socio-political analysis. Royal skillfully balances its role as an economical integrator and developer in Real Estate Investment, emphasizing investor education, empowerment, and ethical practices. Royal stands as well for its commitment to green, sustainable products and solutions. This strategic approach integrates the interests of individuals, governments, investors, and corporations, facilitating a holistic path to economical and societal improvement along with environmental sustainability.






Liza Amani

Co-Founder and CEO

With over 15 years of expertise in international government relations, diplomacy, and economic bridging, S. Liza Amani is a distinguished figure in the global arena. Her career is marked by a commitment to fostering meaningful collaborations across borders, securing government contracts in diverse fields such as cyber security, national security, defense, real estate, agriculture, and sustainability. Notably, she leverages cutting-edge technologies for social impact and builds bridges for economic sustainability. S. Liza Amani’s enjoys the utmost respect and recognition of world leaders, diplomats, and royals around the globe. She excels in diplomatic negotiations, bringing disparate parties together for constructive dialogue, and advocating for sustainable solutions economically at the intersection of technology, sustainibility and diplomacy. Her legacy inspires those striving for a more interconnected and prosperous global community.

Maximilian Reidl

Co-Founder, General Partner

Since the mid-2000s, Reidl has emerged as a significant figure in real estate entrepreneurship, establishing over 20 companies in Germany and internationally. His approach marries traditional real estate development with a visionary commitment to green, sustainable solutions. Reidl’s journey inspires entrepreneurs to integrate eco-friendly practices into their business models, demonstrating how one can achieve commercial success while fostering a more sustainable future. His work symbolizes the potential of entrepreneurial ventures to contribute positively to the planet and the real estate sector.

Bachir Diagne

Co-Founder, General Partner

Bachir is a renowned Canadian private equity expert and banker with a notable track record. He has co-founded several influential groups, including United Global Capital and Qanex Investments, a Dubai-based investment firm. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to co-founding Mobility Technologies Solutions, a leader in green energy, and MXO Group, active in diverse sectors from infrastructure to technology. Previously, Bachir honed his expertise as an Operational Risk executive in various prestigious financial institutions in North America. His career blends high-level finance acumen with a commitment to sustainable and innovative business practices.



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